Dust Masks

Is wood dust more dangerous than formaldehyde?

Breathing airborne wood particles as a result of sanding or cutting may be deadly, with wood dust and the formaldehyde in wood products both classified as Group 1 carcinogens. However the danger of formaldehyde and other resins in Australian-made wood products has been overstated according to managing director of Australian Forest and Wood Products, Ric […]

7 years ago

Tragic Death Could Have Been Prevented With a Paper Dust Mask

A paper dust mask worth few cents would have prevented the tragic death of Collie resident Sharon Camisa (42), who died recently after contracting Legionnaires disease from a bag of potting mix. Sharon Camisa (42) was an avid gardener who, like many gardening enthusiasts, was unaware of the dangers associated with the improper handling of […]

10 years ago