Hand Protection

Guide to which safety glove coating (dip) is best

“The following information should be used a guide only and should be used in conjunction with the wearers own comprehensive risk assessment.” Workers expect their safety gloves to offer excellent grip along with resistance to cuts, oils, chemicals abrasions, burns and punctures, all without compromising dexterity, or feel. To deliver this, glove coatings or “dips” are […]

6 years ago

Video Guide to EN388:2016 – Cut Protection Standard Update

The following is a video and written guide to the European EN388 Mechanical Risk Standard, which was updated in 2016 to make testing procedures and results more precise. The Standard applies to protective gloves and refers to their resistance to abrasion, cut, tear, puncture and impact. Key changes to the Standard include an additional cut […]

6 years ago

Latex Glove Allergies and Contact Dermatitis

Symptoms of an allergic reaction to latex gloves can include – but are not limited to – a rash, itching, hives, swelling, a runny nose, cough and shortness of breath, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI). The most common negative reaction to allergy exposure is a skin rash which is […]

6 years ago

The definitive guide to hand protection

With the hands being crucial to the performance of everyday tasks, an injury causing a loss of function, grip, range of motion or even amputation, is extremely debilitating. Research has found that around one third of those who suffer a hand injury will also suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress, or both, leading to a reduced […]

9 years ago