Hard Hats

Guide to hard hat accessories: What you can and can’t wear

As the weather gets cooler, you might be starting to think about beanies and other cold weather gear to keep yourself warm. However, if you need to wear a hard hat for work, your accessories could be putting you at risk of an injury by reducing the effectiveness of your PPE. As well as their […]

5 years ago

The difference between hard hats and bump caps

Hard Hats vs Bump Caps Safety hard hats and bump caps both forms of PPE that provide head protection, however the circumstances in which they’re used vary based on the type and level of protection required. Bump caps protect against small impacts that a worker may incur when bumping into or knocking against a stationary […]

5 years ago

Hard Hat Care and Maintenance

The structural integrity of a hard hat can be compromised if treated incorrectly, with heat, chemicals and mistreatment the most common issues leading to reduced protective properties. Given the critical role hard hats play in saving lives and since they are a requirement on most industrial work sites, the correct care, maintenance and replacement protocol […]

8 years ago

Hard Hats: Where, When, Why and How

Use of Hard Hats They have a snug and comfortable fit and enable the integration of other PPE offer the greatest protection on site. In addition, they must also be worn when working at any height. These are certified hard hats. Australian regulations demand that safety hard hats be worn on sites when there is […]

8 years ago

VIDEO: The rules of buying a hard hat

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20bKIg9mJa4 Often worn more than any other piece of PPE, a hard hat’s comfort and correct fit is critical to ensuring it is happily worn and does not increase the dangers of an application by causing distraction, discomfort or by inhibiting vision or movement. Furthermore, the correct positioning of the hardhat is critical to preventing […]

9 years ago

The History of the Hard Hat

Hard hats have come a long way since their origins on the battle fields of WWI. Back in those days, the number of construction workers getting killed on the job was a lot higher, owing largely to lax safety regulations and very basic standards of personal protective equipment. There was no such thing as hard […]

10 years ago