Mental Health

Mental Health Month and National Safe Work Month

October is Mental Health and National Safe Work Month, reminding us that every worker has the right to a physically and mentally healthy workplace. Workplace mental health and safety is critical for staff wellbeing and productivity so we take a look at how the two initiatives interconnect and how employers can help improve workplace mental […]

6 years ago

How a bad diet impacts your mental health – and how to fix it

It is well known that maintaining healthy gut bacteria improves your physical wellbeing but there is increasing evidence linking poor gut health to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. The Black Dog Institute reports that one in six Australian workers suffers from mental illness, costing employers an estimated $8,025 annually per person. Mental […]

6 years ago

All about October Mental Health Month

One in five Australians are affected by mental illness, with that number far higher in blue collar industries which often have a “suck it up tough guy” culture. Evidence of that is a recent survey of blue collar workers by Beyond Blue that found 20 per cent of respondees thought those who seek help for […]

7 years ago

Mental health, drugs and alcohol cost business the most

Mental health conditions and drug and alcohol problems are the leading causes of productivity loss and time off work according to an analysis of data published in the Journal of Occupation and Environmental Medicine. The study which assessed data from a survey of 78,000 Australian workers found that ‘psychological distress’ including depression, as well as […]

7 years ago

Study: Psychological distress increases workplace accidents

Workers suffering from mental health disorders or psychological distress are more likely to be involved in workplace accidents or failures. A 2010 Australian study of 60,556 full-time employees analysed the association between psychological distress and workplace accidents, failures and successes in a thirty-day period. Moderate and high psychological distress both increased the odds ratio of […]

8 years ago

WA and QLD Governments review FIFO work arrangements and mental health

A 2015 West Australian parliamentary enquiry into suicide and mental health among fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workers found they often come from a high risk demographic – males aged 18-44. The report, published in June 2015 made 30 recommendations, including improved training to address and manage mental health among workers and greater acknowledgement by resource companies […]

8 years ago

Fostering mental health in construction with MATES

A program assisting construction workers in recognising and addressing mental health issues among their colleagues has seen a reduction in the suicide rate in the Queensland construction industry. MATES in Construction is a ‘bottom-up’ community development program that is being implemented by workers, according to business development manager, Jenny Roberts. “That’s why it’s working so […]

9 years ago