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Shocking images show lack of safety in third world mines

Australian has multiple levels of safety regulations to help protect workers with state and federal government safety bodies, regularly updated codes of practice and strong unions fighting for workers’ rights. Yet even with these many checks and balances, mining – one of our largest industries – is still one of our most dangerous, as evidenced […]

7 years ago

WA and QLD Governments review FIFO work arrangements and mental health

A 2015 West Australian parliamentary enquiry into suicide and mental health among fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workers found they often come from a high risk demographic – males aged 18-44. The report, published in June 2015 made 30 recommendations, including improved training to address and manage mental health among workers and greater acknowledgement by resource companies […]

8 years ago

Black lung in mining: Why it resurfaced and how to prevent it

The diagnosis of pneumoconiosis or black lung disease in four Queensland coal miners has led to a renewed focus on safety and OHS systems in the mining sector. A recent report by the Queensland Commissioner for Mine Safety and Health found that in 2014, 60 per cent of Queensland coal mine workers were exposed to […]

9 years ago