7 OHS Violations Putting Santa on the Naughty List


We all know that this can be a busy time of year for Santa and his reindeer, but that’s no excuse for ignoring safety regulations when working at heights and in confined spaces. Can you spot the 7 OHS violations putting Santa on the naughty list?


Answers Below:

  1. Reindeers Parked in a No-Parking Zone
  2. Working in confined spaces with inadequate lighting (needs Intrinsically Safe Light)
  3. Working at heights with no harness or fall arrest in place
  4. Slippery surface on roof not signed
  5. No fire extinguisher or first aid kit in sled
  6. Not wearing a hard hat
  7. Needs some flame retardant gloves

Can you spot any we’ve missed? Let us know with a comment below.


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