Road Safety

Call for trucking industry changes to drive road safety

Australia has a dire road safety problem and the government must urgently address six critical areas to improve road safety, according to the managing director of Toll Group in an open letter to Malcolm Turnbull. In his letter, Michael Byrne, the logistics company head and trucking industry veteran said that more than 1,000 people were […]

6 years ago

Vehicles accidents biggest workplace killer – mobile phone use a contributor

Vehicles are the number one killer in the Australian workplace, accounting for 64 per cent of worker fatalities between 2007 and 2016, according to 2017 Safe Work Australia (SWA) data. Forty five per cent of workplace fatalities were a result of a vehicle collision on a public road. These figures may partially be attributed to […]

6 years ago

Roadwork dangers increase in winter: use these safety strategies

Vehicle accidents around roadworks increase by about 25 per cent during winter as a result of reduced visibility, stronger winds and wet, slippery conditions, according to the Operations Manager of Consec Traffic, Alison Leydon. These additional dangers require strict safety processes on-site and in some cases the decision to postpone the roadworks or traffic control, […]

7 years ago

Female traffic controllers increase safety

The number of female traffic controllers has surged in recent years due to their personality attributes often leading to increased safety and reduced road rage, according to veteran traffic manager, Alison Leydon. Leydon, who is originally from Ireland, began her career in traffic management over 10 years ago with a backpacking job in Sydney as […]

8 years ago