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ProChoice Safety gloves saved Arda’s hand in angle grinder incident

A 29-year old man has escaped with minor scratches and a small fracture to his hand after a DIY project went wrong.

Arda Hancioglu (pictured) was using an angle grinder to create a fire pit for his backyard when the cutting disc broke and he lost control of the tool.

3 years ago

Hand Injuries: Dangerous Industries and Jobs

Workers in manufacturing and construction are more likely to suffer a hand injury than any other industry, according to a 2008 report from Safe Work Australia which analyses both hospitalisation rates and workers’ compensation claims. Retail workers also had a high rate of hand injury. Further analysis of workers’ compensation claims between 2012 and 2015 […]

8 years ago

Chemical Resistant Gloves: Ensuring Appropriate Protection

For Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) officers, protecting workers’ hands from chemical hazards can be a complex challenge due to the variety of chemicals and gloves with different protective properties. ProChoice Safety Gear product development manager, Brad Rodgers says that hand protection from chemicals requires a detailed risk assessment of the chemical concentration and exposure time […]

9 years ago

The importance of comfort and fit in safety gloves

After back injuries, hand injuries are the second most common cause of time off work, and wearing gloves reduces their incidence by around 60-70 per cent, according to research by US-based Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety. Despite this, EHS today states that large amounts of workers do not using protective gloves on site, with […]

9 years ago

PPE and safety considerations for DIY

Serious injuries to do-it-yourself (DIY) home handymen are commonplace and rising due to a lack of experience, knowledge and failure to use the appropriate PPE. Power saws, grinders, welder, lawn mowers and ladders are the most common causes of injury, with males five times more likely to be injured than females, according to the Injury […]

9 years ago

Why vibration resistant gloves are critical in minimising risk of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)

Vibration from using power tools and other vibrating machinery can lead to the dangerous condition of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) which, if left untreated, can potentially require the amputation of the fingers or hand. A Safe Work Australia fact sheet on HAVS states that the condition is “commonly experienced by workers who regularly use tools […]

9 years ago

FIVE Does Not Equal 5 – Cut Protection Standards

With a 2008 Safe Work Australia report finding cuts and open wounds are the most common workplace hand injury requiring a trip to hospital, and account for 35 per cent of workers’ compensation claims for hand and wrist injuries, the prevention of this injury is of critical importance. With personal protective equipment (PPE) being the […]

9 years ago

How to Choose the Correct Safety Gloves

Gone are the days when rigger’s gloves were the preferred hand protection on site with technology advances meaning specific gloves increasingly provide specific protection for an application. Brad Rodgers, ProChoice Safety Gear product development manager said the company has 95 different types of safety gloves – each with its own range of sizes – providing […]

9 years ago

Synthetic Leather Work Gloves – Why You Should Make the Switch this Winter

Leather gloves have been around for donkeys years (and might even have been made from them at one stage). They’re soft, supple, and breathable, yet at the same time strong, thick & hard wearing. It is these qualities and more that have helped make our Riggamate range of Cowhide and Pigskin leather gloves a workplace […]

10 years ago