How to use sunscreen correctly

The most common mistakes that people make when applying sunscreen are to not check the expiry date, apply too little and not apply the sunscreen early enough. All of these mistakes reduce the effectiveness of sunscreen by decreasing the sun protection factor (SPF) it offers, according to dermatologist Dr Saxon Smith and the Cancer Council. […]

6 years ago

Provide workers sun protection or risk litigation

Twenty eight per cent of Australian employees – two million people – who work outdoors are not being provided sun protection by their employers. This is putting workers at risk of skin cancer and the employers at risk of “significant workers’ compensation claims”. The insights come from the 2017 Skin Health Australia Report Card (SHARC) […]

6 years ago

Nanoparticles in sunscreen dangers: An analysis of evidence

The use of microscopic zinc oxide and titanium dioxide nanoparticles in some sunscreens is controversial, with health experts questioning their safety and suggesting they may be toxic, according to the ABC. Non-nanoparticle zinc oxide and titanium dioxide have been used in sunscreens for over 30 years to help reflect and scatter cancer-causing UV radiation however […]

8 years ago

Skin Cancer Risks Higher for Men and Outdoor Workers

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world with it affecting two in three Aussies by the time they turn 70. Around 445,000 Australians are diagnosed every year and it is the most common cancer in 15-44 year-old Australians. In 2010, 11,405 people were diagnosed with melanoma – the most dangerous type […]

10 years ago

Sunscreen – SPF 50+ vs 30+: What’s the difference?

Sunscreen is a key element in protection from the sun’s skin cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation (UV). However many people are putting themselves at risk by not applying sunscreen correctly, according to Cancer Council. They say part of the cause is that the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating system is often misunderstood. Particularly, people confuse the benefit […]

10 years ago

Heat Alert! Another Stinking Hot One on the Cards for Aussie Workers in 2014

Last summer, Australia experienced the hottest summer season since records began and this summer is set to be no different, with hotter than average temperatures for the Oct-Dec period already being predicted by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Queensland kicked matters off this week with a record smashing Spring heatwave that has gripped the state […]

11 years ago