Heat Alert! Another Stinking Hot One on the Cards for Aussie Workers in 2014

Last summer, Australia experienced the hottest summer season since records began and this summer is set to be no different, with hotter than average temperatures for the Oct-Dec period already being predicted by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Queensland kicked matters off this week with a record smashing Spring heatwave that has gripped the state in recent days, spurring widespread bushfires and confirming predictions that another stinking hot one is on the cards for Aussies as we head into summer 2014.

While this is good news for beach lovers, it’s bad news for industrial workers, especially those that are exposed to the great outdoors for the duration of their work days.

Luckily, ProChoice Safety Gear has a serious sun protection arsenal at the ready to combat the toughest of aussie temperatures, starting with the recently released ProBloc SPF 50+ Sunscreen:

ProBloc SPF 50+

Featuring the highest level of UVA & UVB protection on the market, the ProBloc 50+ offers 4 hours water resistance to protect even the sweatiest of workers in the sweltering heat. Like all ProChoice sunblock, the ProBloc 50+ is kind to skin, contains moisturising vitamin E, and is nano particle free.


ProBlock SPF 30+

The 30+ is still available and is the preferred choice of workers on the slightly cooler / overcast days, when the sun may be a little more bareable but apt protection is still needed to keep cancerous UV rays at bay.


Sun Hats

The ProChoice Poly/Cotton blend sun hat features a wide and protective brim and adjustable chin strap and is available in white, green, and navy blue. For maximum airflow, consider the well ventilated ProChoice Straw Hat, which is lightweight, durable and features a hi vis band for extra visibility.


Hard Hat Brims

Where hard hats must be worn, the hard hat brim is just the ticket, and ProChoice has both cotton and plastic brim options that are durable, washable, and available in a wide range of colours.


Dont get caught out this Spring, stock up on these vital products now and ensure your store’s carrying the complete ProChoice Sun Protection Range when those red faced workers come a’ knocking.


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