Safety FAILS #2

A collection of safety fails from around thew world. Don’t forget to pick up your jaw on the way out.

Unsafe working at heights

A man is attempting to install an air conditioner. Nothing unusual about that, except he’s working on a narrow ledge about 30 stories off the ground and looking to move from one narrow ledge to another.

Looking dangerously close to falling the cameraman watches in amusement, laughing and saying “woah, woah” as the man almost falls while struggling with the weight of the air conditioning unit.

While he does have a harness it seems to be anchored to another air conditioning unit, the strength of which is questionable in the likely event of a fall.

While he survives this time, next time he might not be so lucky. Australia is blessed to have such strong safety regulations, protecting workers from dangerous situations such as these.


Aircon Nightmare.

That’s just mental. Aircon nightmares. Be thankful we have such strong safety laws or we’d doing stuff like this. #safetyfail See more safety fails here: http://blog.prochoice.com.au/workplace-safety/safety-fails-2/

Posted by Tools Trades Toys on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Demolition worker snatched from doom

This jaw-dropping video sees a man on top of a building just as it is demolished. It appears he got more destruction than he bargained for as the building implodes around him and he plummets to what looks like certain death.

However he is attached so a “safety” line which snaps tight and somehow rips him from the jaws of doom. The last thing you hear in the video is him screaming “get me down!”

We hear you mate, but you probably should have been shouting that before the demolition.


Safety Fail Friday! Wow this is mental. Watch the full video here from The Dudesons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xxUBoR46xw and see more fails here: http://ow.ly/VJWQQ #fail #safetyfail #OHS

Posted by Tools Trades Toys on Thursday, December 10, 2015

Failed hardhat flip with shovel

A couple of English lads have a bit of fun on their break, trying the “Hard Hat Challenge”, flipping their hard hat from a shovel onto their heads.

It goes badly for both of them with sore heads the likely result.

Remember, if your hard hat takes a knock, its safety properties may have been compromised and you should replace it.

Skid Steer Roll

What looks to be a “home handyman” is clearing some land on a fairly steep property. No prizes for guessing what happens next.

As he reverses down the hill, he appears to jam on the brakes and the skid steer goes for a backwards tumble down the hill.

He and the skiddy both take a heavy knock, however he walks away slightly dazed and probably on his way to call a professional.

Working in the Wind Fail

The Beafort Scale should be used as a guide when working in the wind. It states that at Level 7 – described as a near gale – you should not work at heights.

Clearly this gentleman has not heard of the Beaufort Scale as he climbs scaffolding in winds that look to be significantly more than a near gale, without any sort of safety harness.

As he attempts to fix what appears to be loose scaffolding, things go horribly wrong. The wind rips the scaffolding apart and throws the man into the air. While he looks to have avoided pieces of flying metal that would almost certainly have killed him, he probably has a bad headache and still has to get down.


Working in wind FAIL

Safety fail. Man somehow avoids multiple different types of death. #FAIL More safety fails here: http://blog.prochoice.com.au/workplace-safety/safety-fails-2/

Posted by ProChoice Safety Gear on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Be safe people!


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