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The real implications of OHS negligence: human lives, business contracts and hefty fines

Too many businesses are failing workers and their families by compromising lives, with 187 workplace deaths nationally in 2017, according to Safe Work Australia data analysed by the Australian Accident Helpline. And 2018 is not looking better according to Safe Work Australia who said: “there has been no dramatic improvement in the last 10-years,”. This […]

6 years ago

What to do if an employee is injured at work: employer’s guide

The exact procedures to follow in the event of a workplace accident or near miss vary slightly from state to state. This article outlines the procedure NSW and provides details on specific states by way of links at the bottom of this article.  A workplace injury can have a significant impact on your business. This […]

6 years ago

Unsafe businesses will pay more for workers compensation in 2018

In a nutshell: Employers who achieve and maintain a good safety record can expect to see premium reductions. Employers who perform poorly (with a deteriorating safety record) can expect to see their premiums rise. Businesses who cannot demonstrate adequate safety systems and outcomes within their business will likely see their NSW workers’ compensation insurance premiums increase […]

7 years ago