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Protecting yourself from Silicosis

Silica dust and silicosis is a serious issue for building, construction, quarry and tunnel workers. It’s crucial to know how to protect your long term health when working with dust in industry. Recently, a visiting black lung specialist expressed alarm that at-risk Australian construction and tunnel workers may not be being tested for silicosis. Silicosis […]
1 year ago

Safety and PPE working in cold storage

Working in Cold Storage Workers in cold storage environments are at risk of cold stress, making personal protective equipment (PPE) a critical last line of defence against frostbite, hypothermia and death. According to WorkSafe Victoria’s Safe Operations of Cold Storage Facilities Handbook, a cold environment is defined as one in which greater than normal bodily […]
3 years ago

Quantitative vs qualitative respirator fit tests: What’s the difference?

Workers must pass a “fit test” before being issued tight-fitting respirators, with two methods of testing available – quantitative and qualitative. Both types of tests are used to determine if the disposable or reusable respirator has an adequate seal, by detecting if any air is leaking into the facepiece. However, qualitative tests are pass/fail, based […]
3 years ago

ProChoice Safety gloves saved Arda’s hand in angle grinder incident

A 29-year old man has escaped with minor scratches and a small fracture to his hand after a DIY project went wrong. Arda Hancioglu (pictured) was using an angle grinder to create a fire pit for his backyard when the cutting disc broke and he lost control of the tool.
3 years ago

Colour for marking physical hazards: SAA Industrial Safety Colour Code

Appropriate signage is a critical component of controlling risks within the workplace, with colour playing a significant role in the identification of hazards.
5 years ago